New Company Boost For Morewood Bikes

18 January 2016

A new company, Morewood Bikes (Pty) Ltd, has been formed that will give the South African-based mountain bike brand, Morewood Bikes, a new range and a fresh focus on it’s primary bike categories of Gravity and Trail. The new company is owned by Richard Carter, Morewood Bikes co-founder and Victor Momsen, founder of Momsen Bikes, another successful South African mountain bike brand.

The first model from Morewood Bikes was completed in 1996 and the brand will celebrate the start of its third decade with a new range that includes a new suspension platform. It will also move from being a frame-only brand to also offering complete bikes.

“We know we’ve been a bit quiet since we released the Makulu 27.5 at Eurobike in 2013, but much has still been going on behind the scenes,”

said Carter.

“The market has changed rapidly over the past three years, especially in terms of wheel size (diameter and width) as well as a blurring of lines between traditional industry ‘standards’. This has put a lot of pressure on all the smaller brands to develop and adapt in order to stay relevant.

“The bike industry has changed significantly in terms of bike categories, marketing and retail strategy. We knew we could not continue to be successful as essentially a frame-only brand. We needed to evolve into a complete bike brand and offer product that was suitable for the local (South African) market, and not just focus on export markets as we have done historically,”

said Carter.

“I’m excited to invest in the future and growth of Morewood Bikes, a mountain bike brand for discerning riders that’s achieved high levels of credibility both in South Africa and internationally over the past 20 years,”

said Momsen.

“There are a number of synergies between Morewood Bikes and my own brand, but the most significant is that they’re both South African brands competing with foreign brands operating within the local (South African) and international markets.

“This is an exciting time to be in the mountain bike market – so many new technologies and trends are shaping the bikes we design and ride. Whilst the Momsen brand is known for our Marathon and Cross-country offerings, the Morewood brand has a reputation for producing bespoke Gravity and Trail-oriented bikes.

“By combining our resources and ideas, this partnership will allow both brands to leverage their respective strengths whilst maximising our resources and creative energies. Richard and I have known each for a long time and I am excited to help re-position the Morewood brand in the local and global market,”

said Momsen.

The factory has been relocated and the Morewood Bikes brand will continue to manufacture certain new models in South Africa. The core focus will still be on creating high quality mountain bikes in the mid-to-big suspension travel categories.

The new range of Morewood bike will be launched prior to the annual Eurobike Show in Germany in September 2016. To get some early insight into the new designs and models, like the Morewood Bikes Facebook page and follow @Morewoodbikes on twitter.